1.- Payments are due no later than Wednesday of each week 

2.- Escuela Mexicana reserves the right to add a 5% surcharge for any late payments. 

3.-  If a student decides not to attend school there will be no refunds or discounts for missed time. 

4.- In the case of illness, the school will reimburse a student for missed classes only if the school is informed and a doctors note showing a prescription is provided to the school, within 24 hours. 

5.- If payment for the week has been made – at a full or discounted price - and then a student decides to cancel their classes, a refund will be made with a 30% penalty applied against the remaining amount. Furthermore, the refund will be charged at regular prices. Alternatively, we will provide a credit in the amount of the full reimbursement to be used for online classes or future classes onsite.

6.- There is a surcharge of 4.2% for credit card payments on discounted prices. If payment is made in cash we only accept a maximum of $200.00 USD per student 

7.- We only accept cash for family homestay payments. THIS CASH PAYMENT MUST BE MADE AT THE SCHOOL. 

8.- There are no discounts for family homestays, even if a student leaves the house for a weekend. 

9.- For students who have registered with Escuela Mexicana using outside organizations and/or tourist agencies, no discounts or changes with our program can be made. Instead, any program changes or requests for discounts must be made with the outside organization or tourist agency. 

Class Policies 

- To open a “group” class, a minimum of two students is required 

- The school rarely opens a group class with only one student, however if we expect another student during the week this will complete one group. 

In case this does not occur, the cost of the class will increase by $4.00 USD. 

- Classes last 50 minutes 

-If you decide to take more than 2 grammar classes, they won't be consecutive. 

- In the Standard program, a group will have a maximum of 7 students, in the Trimestral program there can be a maximum of 10. 

- Students coming from agencies cannot decrease the number of classes due to internal policies, however students are able to add more classes. 

- If you change a group class to a private one, there will be a change in the price. 

- Each week the school will change your schedule. You can check for your new schedule on Friday between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm, or over the weekend at Casa Mexicana. 

- Students should purchase the workbook that corresponds to their level. 

-The school is closed on major holidays. During these weeks we ask that you pay for the entire week and the teachers will make up the lost time by offering longer classes or changing hours during the week. 


Online Class Polices

- Cancellation of an online class after scheduling a time is not permitted.

- You can schedule 5 classes within a 15-day period (Two class cancellations are permitted). 

- You can schedule 10 classes within a 30-day period. (Two class cancellations are permitted). 

- Former Escuela Mexicana students can pay by calling in with credit card information (Visa or Master Card). The registration fee you paid when you previously enrolled at Escuela Mexicana covers your taxes and bank fees. 

- New students can also pay with credit card (Visa or MasterCard) but the prices do not cover taxes and bank fees. 



Please pay for all classes in advance. Payments should be made for the first week of instruction by Wednesday at 2pm. For the following weeks, please pay by Friday for the upcoming week.

Payments can be made in USD or pesos cash. There are many ATMs in the city and it is easy to withdraw money. 

You can also pay with Visa or MasterCard.