The courses that Escuela Mexicana offers, are organized so that their international students can obtain academic credits from educational institutions in the United States and Canada. The above, based on the number of contact hours that the student or his own institution decides to attend our program.


  • ESPAN 101. Beginning Spanish I. No Prerequisites. 60 Contact-Hours / 4 Credits
  • ESPAN 102. Beginning Spanish II. Prerequisite: ESPAN 101  or  2 years in High School,  or 1 semester in College or equivalent. 60 Contact-Hours / 4 Credits
  • ESPAN 201. Intermediate Spanish I.  Prerequisite: ESPAN 102  or  2 years in High School,  or 2 semesters in College or equivalent. 60 Contact-Hours / 4 Credits
  • ESPAN 202. Intermediate Spanish II. Prerequisite: ESPAN 201  or  2 years in High School,  or 3 semesters in College or equivalent. 60 Contact-Hours / 4 Credits
  • SPAN 301. Advanced Spanish I. Prerequisite: ESPAN 202 or equivalent. 50-60 Contact-Hours / 3 Credits
  • ESPAN 302. Advanced Spanish II. Prerequisite: ESPAN 301 or equivalent. 50-60 Contact-Hours / 3 Credits


Escuela Mexicana offers to students the option to earn academic credits if they require them, and request them. Students can obtain 1 academic credit for at least every 15 contact hours in any of the courses offered.



In Escuela Mexicana all group classes start every Monday at 10:00 AM. For all those students who have a program with just 1 to 1 classes, the start day of classes can be any day of the week, depending on their availability and their needs. The regular program classes are organized into three sections:


  • a) Grammar section
  • b) Conversation Class
  • c) Practical Spanish section


  • These classes are organized in individual sections of 50 minutes each and during the morning hours.

Tutoring classes or classes 1 to 1 are normally scheduled within evening hours. Likewise, all the extracurricular activities that Escuela Mexicana offers during the week are scheduled in the afternoon schedule. These private classes and extracurricular activities last 60 minutes each and are offered to start at 3:00 p.m.



Our teachers use an interactive teaching method based on learning by practice. This means that grammar, the basis of the construction of any language, is covered but is fully oriented to a constant interactive practice both inside and outside the classroom. The method is based on the communicative approach with which the communicative goals existing in each one of the levels of courses are constantly evaluated and applied. To meet the objectives of each of the levels of the courses, the teachers of Escuela Mexicana develop and apply a wide variety of techniques in their daily activities. Teachers seek that students can have an effective interaction with the language to satisfy a specific communicative need. Likewise, the didactic support materials that are used daily in the classes are very important for the program. Escuela Mexicana, throughout all these years of operation, has been perfecting all its didactic support materials including textbooks.



Escuela Mexicana assigns students to each group according to their abilities, characteristics, needs, and expectations of acquiring or perfecting the language. The level of the student is determined considering speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through a written exam and an oral interview. Both the written exam and the oral interview take place on the first Monday after the student arrives at the program.

Groupings of classes are organized in small groups with no more than 6 students per class. With this, personalized attention to students and closer monitoring of their learning process is guaranteed.




  • Our teachers have a wide and proven experience and professionalism towards the students. Each and every one of them is 100% committed to individual and group learning. The main guarantee for the students is all years of academic training of the teachers and the years of practical experience in front of the group they have. Teachers of Escuela Mexicana have on average up to 15 years of teaching experience. Our group of teachers also has a university education in teaching Spanish and they constantly participate in specialization courses to be up to date on teaching techniques and methodologies.