Are you ready to take your Spanish Language skills to the next level? Our Plus Online Program is designed specifically for individuals who seek intense language learning and are eager to acquire, increase, or significantly improve their formal and professional knowledge of the Spanish language. Your language journey is uniquely yours. Our expert teachers, combined with the latest technology, craft a personalized curriculum that caters to your strengths and targets areas for growth. No two learners are alike, and that's why we conduct an exclusive interview to design a 100% tailored program that fits your needs and language goals perfectly. Embark on this transformative language learning journey with our Plus Online Program, and unlock the doors to fluency in Spanish and a deeper understanding of Hispanic cultures. Don't settle for ordinary. Embrace the extraordinary with our Plus Online Program - where intensive learning meets cutting-edge innovation.


Designed for students who thrive in a group learning environment, our Standard Program offers the opportunity to practice Spanish skills alongside peers at a similar proficiency level in a progressive program. Engage in interactive activities, participate in group discussions and Benefit from the guidance of our experienced teachers to enhance your language abilities effectively. The program's Dynamic grammar classes focus on developing essential language skills, including speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. Immerse yourself in engaging activities, such as readings, audio materials, and verbal expression, exploring the rich tapestry of Spanish history, culture, and traditions.
You may wonder what a progressive program entails. Think of it as constructing a house - the classes are logically sequenced, starting with the foundation, building the walls, adding the roof, and finally, attending to the intricate details. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive and cohesive learning experience. Understanding your Spanish proficiency level is crucial before embarking on your program. If you have prior language experience or have taken previous Spanish classes, you can take a placement exam to determine your.