This program is for the student that is taking the course, Spanish Language and Mexican Culture AP Program.  It is an introduction to six themes and ability for an intermediate level or an advanced level. It is designed from 1 till 4 weeks of intensive study.


In this course, students will be introduced to the 6 themes from the AP course and will include information about Mexican history, culture and traditions.


PHASE 1: The practice of skills within the classroom.

Considering the basic aspects we focus our program on 4 classes per day in the classroom:  

1. Classes on reading comprehension. 
• Interpretation and communication of texts both written and auditory. 

2. Listening comprehension. 
• Interpretation and communication of audio. 

3. Written expression. 
• Write interpersonal and written expression. 


4. Oral expression. 
• Interpersonal conversation. 
• Presentation of the cultural comparison.


PHASE 2:  Immersion outside of the classroom.

  In addition, the program includes a fifth hour per day of cultural exchange (only during the summer).  In this activity students will work with Mexican adolescents. There will be a series of activities that will allow you to know more about the cultural differences between Mexico and the United States.  

We also offer two extracurricular activities per week and visits to museums in the city.

You will improve your listening, writing and speaking skills with the support of an experienced staff.


Group Class

(Minimum 2 students)

  • 1 Week 20 group classes: $200 USD
  • 2 Weeks 20 group classes: $380 USD
  • 3 Weeks 20 group classes: $525 USD
  • Per person

Private Class


  • 1 Week 20 classes: $400 USD
  • 2 Weeks 20 classes: $780 USD
  • 3 Weeks 20 classes: $1050 USD