Kids Program is a mix of playful activities where participants begin to incorporate the Spanish language in a fun way. The academic team of Escuela Mexicana provides a vibrant, stimulating and safe learning environment.


The goal of the Kids Program is for all to participate enthusiastically to learn Spanish and, at the same time, to share activities with other Mexican children (shared activities with Mexican children only during summer) during the program. Kids Program is the perfect opportunity for both parents and children to learn the Spanish language and live with the Mexican culture.


(During summer season) At the end of the program, a talent show is presented by kids of both nationalities. In the show the children sing, dance or perform, showing what they learned in the language. In addition, there is an exhibition of crafts and photographs that were created during the course.

Daily activities

2 hr group activities

  • Price per week 80 USD
  • Weekly classes: 10 group activities

Daily activities

3 hr group activities

  • Price per week 110 USD
  • Weekly classes: 15 group activities

Daily activities

4hr group activities

  • Price per week 150 USD
  • Weekly classes: 20 group activities


One-time registration fee = $ 40.00 USD ($ 8.00 USD / Class)