Dear students and colleagues, I give you all the warmest welcome to Escuela Mexicana.

For more than two decades, our school has offered our services, and our extensive experience in teaching Mexican culture and Spanish as a Second Language (L2). During all this time, we have been convinced that the fundamental objective in the learning of a new language is the ability to communicate in an effective way. We also believe that learning a new language infers implicitly, the ability to understand the cultural characteristics, traditions, history, and ways of the daily life of the countries that speak that language. During all this time, in addition to implementing a methodology based on the communicative approach in our classes, we have tried to instill and express our passion for Mexican culture, and art through an authentic experience inside and outside the classroom.


Likewise, through the years at Escuela Mexicana, we have maintained our goals firmly. We have focused on our growth and, therefore, we have developed our own academic programs, textbooks, and didactic support materials for the study of the language. In addition, we have implemented classrooms with technological elements. Such as electronic whiteboards, and virtual conference rooms, for the teaching of both, individual, and group classes online.


Now I am pleased to inform you that after hard work, we have added to our academic program, a new excellent, and varied cultural program, which complements our Conversation and Practical Spanish classes. This new cultural program was designed to be offered as part of extracurricular activities, which entails, learning with 100% of academic and cultural quality. The target of our Department of Cultural Research is designed to sensitize people who are interested not only in learning the Spanish language but also to all those who have the interest to know our Mexican roots.

Know who we are, but more importantly, know HOW WE LIVE

I am so proud to realize that in all these years of work, new proposals and changes, Escuela Mexicana has always had a valuable academic and administrative team that has understood and implemented from the beginning, our vision and institutional mission for the direct benefit of our students. Altogether, we are committed to the work of excellence, and we are always ready to face any eventuality and enhance the experience of all those who have decided to live the experience of learning Spanish with us.


Now that you have decided to share this adventure with us, we tell you with all certainty that you will definitely have one of the best experiences of your life, in which you can not only learn the Spanish language but also live and love our way of life and our culture.


¡Bienvenido! y gracias por estar con nosotros...